Hand Hygiene Slogan Contest

Infection Control is proud to announce winners of the University of Chicago Medicine’s Hand Hygiene Slogan Competition!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this exciting competition to choose our internal slogans for promotion of hand hygiene.

Contest entries were submitted for each of the following categories:

  • Hand Hygiene is EVERYONE’s job
  • Hand Hygiene is ESSENTIAL for patient safety
  • Hand Hygiene makes me feel CLEAN
  • Hand Hygiene is a HABIT (It’s easy!)




  • Save Lives, Sanitize — Mark Lockwood (Surgery/Transplant)
  • Hand Hygiene- Every time, All the Time (Chris Hargreaves, HR/Employee-Labor Relations)
  • Hand Hygiene- Are YOU doing all you can? — (Chris Hargreaves, HR/Employee-Labor Relations)
  • Lend A Clean Hand — Eddie M. Taylor, Jr. (Anatomic Pathology)

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