Choosing Wisely Challenge

Choosing Wisely Challenge at University of Chicago Medicine 

Around the world, the capabilities of modern medicine are being delivered inside of health systems with staggering complexity. Too often this complexity contributes to avoidable harm and unsustainable cost. Moreover, clinicians rarely have the support necessary to deliver value–defined as the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

To help address this gap, and mirroring the Costs of Care (an American nonprofit) and the ABIM Foundation, the University of Chicago Medicine launched the Choosing Wisely® Challenge to identify promising bright ideas for implementation at the medical center.

We are requesting “Bright Ideas”- a project you believe promises to add value, defined as the best possible care at the lowest possible cost- from Residents and Fellows of any program. Top projects will be judged by a panel of medical center leadership and chosen to be operationalized here at the University of Chicago Medicine. Winning projects will be announced at the Quality & Safety Symposium.


Extended Deadline! Bright Ideas are due on April 15, 2016.

This idea does not need to be completely developed. The entry below can be between 250-500 words describing your idea.

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